What Are Some Required Courses for Communications Majors?

What Are Some Required Courses for Communications Majors?

Introduction to communication, research methods in communication and interpreting strategic discourse are some required courses for communications majors. Courses on interpersonal communication are also required.

Santa Clara University requires communication majors to take introduction to interpersonal communication. The course provides an overview of the communication theories, process and issues. It covers various topics including deception, intercultural communication and nonverbal communication.

Santa Clara University students also have to take a course on media studies that examines the role of mass communication in society. It addresses regulatory and ethical issues concerning media practice. Students have to take a course about technology and communication that discusses the basic function of the Internet and computers as tools for communication. Students have to complete a public speaking course that covers audience analysis, delivery and credibility.

Communication majors at the University of Maryland have to take a course on communication theory and process. They also must take courses about critical thinking and speaking. The University of New Mexico requires students to take courses on writing for the mass media and the history of media. Students also must take a course about multimedia and visual communication.

The University of California in Davis requires communication majors to take courses on linguistics and anthropology. The school also requires students to take introduction to sociology and general psychology. In addition, students must take upper division prerequisite courses on contemporary theories of communication and empirical methods in communication.