What Is Required to Complete an Easy English Speaking Course?

What Is Required to Complete an Easy English Speaking Course?

Completing an easy English speaking course requires acquiring basic proficiency in oral expression as well as in reading and listening comprehension. Together, these help in achieving the goal of effective and accurate communication skills in English.

An easy English speaking course for a beginner includes learning to say simple phrases, common expressions and short sentences. These relate to practical and real-life topics such as greetings, self-introduction, counting and numbers, asking and giving information, time, weather and the calendar, and occupations and skills. Course completion typically requires the learner be able to communicate in simple day-to-day scenarios such as shopping, asking simple questions to find the way, ordering a meal at a restaurant or visiting the doctor.

Easy courses also require the learner to acquire elementary skills in listening and understanding in order to carry on a simple conversation with others. Important requirements for oral English skills include developing vocabulary, learning rules of grammar and achieving accepted pronunciation targets. Assessment and feedback determine completion of course requirements.

The ease and suitability of a course depend on the learner's starting skills, his reasons for undertaking the course and any particular areas he wishes to focus on.

Modern-day language courses integrate technology-assisted learning with teaching provided by instructors while online courses use audio files to assist in pronunciation.