How Do You Request Information About Specific Colleges?


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Many colleges and universities, including Keene State College in New Hampshire, Brooklyn College, Emerson College in Massachusetts, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, and Hamilton College in New York, provide online information request forms. These request forms usually require that the applicant provide basic personal information and other relevant facts.

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Information that the applicant may have to provide on an information request form includes first and last name, address, phone number and email. Providing educational background is sometimes also a requirement. Some information request forms ask for optional information such as the applicant's participation in extra-curricular activities, the applicant's high school and the applicant's field of academic interest.

Upon completion of the information request form, a college typically sends out brochures, guides or some other form of introductory information about the school's programs and admission requirements.

An interested applicant can follow up at some colleges and universities by arranging a guided visit to campus. For example, Brooklyn College offers potential students the option of a guided tour of campus that includes the library and an introduction to faculty and current students. Brooklyn College, as well as some other schools, also host open houses, which provide another way to gain information about different colleges.

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