How Do You Request a Copy of a GED Certificate?

The process for requesting a copy of your GED certificate varies by state. The GED Testing Service website provides a list of links to the appropriate state testing authorities. If you took the GED test in 2014 or later, a copy of your scores is also accessible online.

GED transcripts are available through various state and independent agencies. Find a link to the agency managing your records on the Request a Transcript page of the GED Testing Service website. The site also includes contact information for U.S. territory testing authorities as well as international jurisdictions. Many state education departments handle GED transcript inquiries themselves. Alabama, for example, accepts mail-in and in-person requests. Other states require test-takers to create online accounts with in order to manage their transcripts. Fourteen states, including Alaska, Indiana and West Virginia, use DiplomaSender to manage GED scores and issue transcripts. In some jurisdictions, such as Puerto Rico and the Mariana Islands, GED recipients must contact their local GED Testing Service administrator in order to request copies of their transcripts.

In 2014, the GED Testing Service made a new MyGED portal available upon completion of a user account. This account allows users to locate testing centers, find advice and study materials for the GED test, schedule a test and access their scores afterward.