How Do You Request College Brochures?

There are a few methods you can use to request to have college brochures sent to you, such as filling out forms on college websites, indicating on a standardized test that you would like to receive brochures from colleges and contacting the colleges directly. The methods vary between different institutions.

Standardized tests, such as the PSAT or ACT, may provide a form that gives you the option to send your information to colleges so that you can receive brochures in the mail.

Many college websites have forms that you can fill out to receive brochures and promotional materials. Depending on the college, the website may have a page for admissions or prospective students, which should give you more information about how to request brochures and other materials.

If you are unable to find a form on the college's website to request brochures, look for a contact link or page. From there, you can email or call the college and ask for a spot on the college's mailing list. If a specific academic field interests you, request a brochure about that area of the college. Some colleges may no longer offer paper publications, but they should still have a digital brochure or catalog available.