What Are Some Reputable Universities for Studying Interior Design?

Some reputable universities that offer programs in interior design are California College of the Arts, Colorado State University, the George Washington University, Kansas State University, International Academy of Design and Technology and Suffolk University's New England School of Design. These universities are accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation as of June 2015.

The interior design major at the New England School of Design at Suffolk University in Boston requires 28 courses for a total of 88 credits. In addition, students must complete 36 credits of general education requirements. Students graduate with a Bachelor degree of Fine Arts. The Foundation Studies program must be completed before taking more advanced courses. Courses in the major include Foundation Drawing, Interior Design Studio, Environmental Systems and Lighting.

The George Washington University offers both a Bachelor's of Fine Arts and Master's of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture and Design through its Columbian College of Arts and Sciences. The undergraduate degree requires 12 credits of art courses, 60 credits of architecture and design courses, plus general education requirements. Courses include Drawing, History of decorative Arts and Graphic Communication.

Other reputable schools that have accredited interior design programs include School of the Art Institute of Chicago, New York Institute of Technology, Mississippi State University, Iowa State University of Science and Technology and Ohio State University.