What Are Some Reputable Online Universities?

What Are Some Reputable Online Universities?

According to U.S. News, Penn State, Western Kentucky University, and the University of Illinois run some of the best online bachelor degree programs in America with UNC and the University of Florida ranking highly for online MBA courses. The number of online students has been steadily growing every year, and many educational institutions have reacted by increasing the scope and availability of online courses as a result.

There are now over 1000 online courses available for students with a wider range of possible study options that increases to grow. A number of specialist online courses are also available in areas ranging from engineering masters and business masters to criminal justice masters.

The University of California (Samueli), Columbia University, and the University of Southern California have been ranked as the top three online engineering courses available.

In terms of business courses, Indiana, the University of Texas (Dallas), Arizona State, and the University of Connecticut are rated as the best online masters courses, as of 2015.

UC-Irvine, Arizona State, Boston University, and Pace University are claimed to provide the best online programs for criminal justice masters courses as of 2015. For computing and information technology courses, the University of Southern California has held the top spot for a number of years, continuing to be the highest rated institution as of 2015.