What Are Some Reputable NCLEX Study Guides?


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The National Council of State Boards of Nursing provides study guides and test plans for NCLEX test takers, including basic and detailed test plans for educators and examinees. The test plan serves as a blueprint of the NCLEX-RN and PN exams, providing candidates a clear outline of the format and the process of the exam. Pearson VUE, an authorized test administrator of the NCLEX, provides candidate bulletins and an online tutorial for NCLEX examination for registered and practical nurse candidates.

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The NCSBN provides three different versions of test plans for both registered and practical nurses, including a basic and detailed test plan for candidates. The basic test plan outlines the structure of the test and gives an overview of the distribution of content and the topics that are likely to appear on the exam. Candidates also get information on the administration of the test, including the minimum number of items that nurse candidates must answer and the maximum time limit to complete the examination.

The detailed test plan for candidates includes comprehensive information on each topic covered by the test. It also discloses the manner of the exam's computation and gives an idea of how a candidate can pass or fail the exam. The detailed test plan also shows an example of how the exam appears on the actual test.

The online tutorial provided by Pearson VUE provides a demonstration of the actual tutorial given before the NCLEX, allowing candidates to become familiar with the Pearson VUE program. It guides candidates in answering and reviewing items and the way to close the exam after completing the test.

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