How Do You Reply to a Letter?

How Do You Reply to a Letter?

To reply to a letter, consider the context, find a relevant template and complete the header, body and footer. Personal and professional letters each have a different process.

  1. Consider the context

    There are numerous indications to determine whether a letter is personal or professional in nature. Personal letters contain more casual language and do not have a specific structure. Professional letters may include a request for payment, an offer for employment or a detailed description of work history. Construct the response in the same tone as the letter you received.

  2. Find a relevant template

    A response to a personal letter can have a more colorful theme. Microsoft Office and WriteExpress contain free letter templates that offer various colors, fonts and styles. Do not include any graphics or color in professional letter responses, as this approach may convey an improper message to the recipient. Draft professional letter responses using standard font styles.

  3. Complete the header, body and footer

    All letter responses, whether personal or professional, contain a header, body and footer. A header contains information such as a salutation and the recipient's name, address and contact information. The body of the response includes any thoughts, comments or answers to questions addressed in the original letter. Professional letter responses may also state that additional documents are included. For instance, cover letters may also include resumes as supporting documentation. Finally, the footer of the letter response includes any final remarks and a signature.