How Do You Replace a Lost Class Yearbook From 1986 or Before?


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Anyone who is looking to replace a yearbook from 1986 or before can visit Classmates.com and ThisOldYearbook.com for help. Older yearbooks can be harder to locate since yearbook manufacturers do not keep copies of every yearbook they print.

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Losing a yearbook can feel like losing a friend. For those who have suffered fires, floods or another experience that resulted in the loss of a yearbook, there's a chance the yearbook can be replaced. Classmates.com has a large database of yearbooks on their website. Those looking to replace a yearbook can search through the site's 250,000 yearbooks as well as reconnect with former classmates. The site has yearbooks that range from the 1920s to the 2010s.

ThisOldYearbook.com is another option for searching for a missing yearbook. The owner of the site has thousands of yearbooks. Search for the correct school, and check if your yearbook is one he has. If not, the site owner states he can help those looking for specific yearbook find the missing yearbook.

A person can also check with the school related to the yearbook to inquire if copies of that year's yearbook still exist. Public libraries are another option. Schools and libraries might only have digital copies due to space limitations, but getting a digital copy could be an option for reclaiming your memories.

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