How Do You Renew Your Teaching Certificate?

The process to review a teaching certificate or license varies depending on the individual's state and type of teaching license, but it usually involves meeting continuing education requirements, submitting an application and paying licensure fees. Teachers should check the website for their state's department of education for specific requirements.

To renew a teaching certificate, follow this process.

  1. Review state requirements
  2. States often require teachers to complete a master's degree, graduate coursework or other continuing education courses to be eligible for renewal, so check the state's department of education to ensure the correct number of credits or hours have been obtained. Other requirements to check out include classroom teaching experience hours. Requirements vary based on how long the teacher has been licensed and the type of license obtained, such as a provisional, professional or resident educator license, suggests the Ohio Board of Education.

  3. Obtain necessary documentation
  4. Obtain transcripts of completed coursework and continuing education hours. For cases where verification of teaching experience is necessary, a recommendation letter or superintendent signature may be necessary.

  5. Submit application and pay fees
  6. Complete the renewal application available on the board of education's website and submit any documentation. Pay the renewal fee to finish applying, which can be completed through the mail or online.