What Is the Religious Aspect of the A Beka Curriculum?

What Is the Religious Aspect of the A Beka Curriculum?

The A Beka curriculum is designed to promote character building with Christian-themed textbooks. The curriculum incorporates Bible study as well as lessons designed to challenge students academically.

The A Beka mission statement is to promote excellence in education from a Christian perspective. Therefore, every aspect of the curriculum focuses on both academic challenge and religious study. The curriculum is available for both homeschooling and Christian schools.

The curriculum is divided into grade levels with the typical school subjects featuring their own set of lessons. Separately the curriculum features Bible study lessons according to grade level. The Bible study includes a kit complete with lesson plans, reading material, study aids and even songs. Each lesson in the kit is also designed to promote academics in reading, writing and math.

"Sword Drills" are another religious aspect of the A Beka curriculum. These are contests set up to encourage students to use Bible references as rhetoric. For example, one student quotes a Bible verse. The other student must either come up with a similar verse or one that answers it.

The curriculum also features sing-alongs. Some songs are set up to promote character development with a Christian slant. Others songs are hymns and choruses.

Part of the curriculum is a selection of books to practice reading. These books also promote character development.