How Is Registration for the MCAT Done?

How Is Registration for the MCAT Done?

MCAT registration is done online with a VISA or Mastercard (fee waivers are available as well) via the Association of American Medical Colleges website. Prospective medical students should take the MCAT the year before their expected entry into medical school. Be prepared to spend 30 minutes filling out the required online forms, selecting a test date and location and submitting payment to reserve a seat.

  1. Register

    Sign up for the MCAT on the website. Fill out the requested information on the online forms. MCAT officials will be matching the registration name to the college transcripts received, so use accurate information.

  2. Find a test date

    Finding a test date at a location close to you is challenging. Starting out with a location and then choosing a date may be the easiest option, since many dates show no availability for selected locations. Starting the registration process early in the year will provide more options for location selection.

  3. Pay

    Use a VISA or Mastercard or a debit card with one of these logos to reserve a seat at the exam location on the date selected. Registration fees are several hundred dollars and prices increase within 30 days of the test date. To receive the best value, pay early. Refunds of half the fee are given if registration is cancelled within two weeks of the testing date. Otherwise, no fees are refunded. Financial assistance is available for the registration fee by filling out the required online form and submitting additional documents.