How Do You Register Users on the Sonic E-Learning Portal?


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Managers can register employees on the Sonic e-learning portal by logging in with their manager usernames and passwords. The Arizona Restaurant System's website offers step-by-step instructions for Sonic managers to register new users under the Miscellaneous section of its training page.

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To add a new user to the Sonic e-learning portal, first log in and access the Manager Links section to find the Admin link. Choose the Hierarchy section and the store at which the new employee works. Reveal the Users tab by clicking the Users button, and then choose the Add a New User option.

With the Add a New User tab displayed, enter the employee's information. Begin by creating a login name that includes the first letter of her first name, her full last name and the final four digits of her Social Security Number. Create a password, and then enter her full first and last name. Provide a valid email address, and click the button that requires the employee to change the preset password on first login. Choose the employee's preferred language, and click the Insert button to add her to the database.

Potential problems that arise when adding a new employee to the Sonic e-learning portal are the user already existing and the inability to transfer an employee from another store. In either case, contact the PartnerNet Helpdesk to resolve the issue.

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