How Do You Register for the SAT?

How Do You Register for the SAT?

Registration for the SAT can be done online using the College Board's website, or by mail. Students who are under age 13 must register by standard mail, as do those who need to pay by check, who require Sunday testing for religious reasons or who cannot register online for another reason.

  1. Create an account at the College Board website

    Navigate to the College Board website, and create an account.

  2. Choose the test date and time

    The College Board offers SAT testing on specified dates at many test centers, which are usually at local schools. Choose the date and location of your choice. Click on those and fill out the online form to register.

  3. Receive and print your confirmation

    If your registration has been received, you should get an immediate confirmation online. Print your SAT admission ticket, which is needed to enter the test center and take the test.