How Do You Register for Online High School Programs?


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You can register for some online high school programs on the schools' websites, such as the Keystone School, Connections Academy and Kolbe Online Academy. On the website, look for a registration or enrollment link to sign up. You may also need to create a personal Web account while signing up.

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Keystone School is an accredited online private high school, and you can register for the program by clicking on the Enroll Now link at the top of the home page. The website also lists a phone number for you to call for enrollment.

You can enroll in Connections Academy's online program by clicking on the Enroll button at the top-right corner of the page. As the programs are not available everywhere, you should first verify that your program is available in your area. Fill out and send in the required forms.

Enroll in Kolbe Online Academy's courses by going to the Enroll in Online Courses page. Choose one of the Click to Enroll links under the academic year and summer school program headings to enroll. The website then provides a registration form for parents to fill out. The form requires the parents' names, the family address, and the semester or year for which the parents are enrolling their child.

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