How Does You Register for Continuing Medical Education Courses?

How Does You Register for Continuing Medical Education Courses?

Physicians who need to enroll in continuing medical training can do so by checking with the state's board of registration for medicine, the local medical society and the accreditation council for continuing medical education. Doctors are often required to take a certain number of continuing education classes to renew a medical license, according to the Massachusetts Medical Society.

The AAME has an up-to-date, searchable database of state-accredited providers with contact details. State medical societies also have listings of hospitals, medical centers and clinics where doctors can fulfill the requirements to renew a license.

The requirements dictate that a number of hours of classes in risk management, pain management, end-of-life care and electronic health records be taken in the 2 years between renewal periods.

These courses are combined with teaching, publishing in medical journals, specialty board certification and attending lectures, seminars and conferences. The American Medical Association publishes a list of specific requirements by state on its website and provides an extensive list of tutorials, resources and education materials.

Local medical societies offer seminars and online materials for continuing medical education based on the latest trends in medicine, ranging from how to treat Ebola to safe practices when treating patients with HIV.