How Do You Register for Connect Plus?

Students may register to Connect Plus from Blackboard or through a Web address provided by their instructors. Registered users do not have to sign in to Connect Plus again.

Go to the Web address provided by the instructor or included in the student registration handout. Click on the Register Now button, and enter your email address to create an account. Alternatively, enter your McGraw-Hill email address and the password to log in. Enter the access code, and click the Go to Connect Plus Now button to finalize registration. Continue with your instructor’s course after filling out the registration form.

Alternatively, log into Blackboard, and click on the course you need to register for. Click on Content on the left side of the home page. Clicking an assignment from the Content menu takes you to the first-time user registration startup. Click Continue to register for the first time. Input your contact email address as prompted, click Submit, and follow instructions to enter your personal details. Enter your registration code to conclude the registration process.

Look for the registration code on the Connect access card bought with the textbook, or purchase one online. A 14-day courtesy access enables students without the registration code to access instructors’ materials for free.