How Does Reflex Help Students Learn Math?


The Reflex program uses online game play to help math learners develop their basic math fact fluency. Through the development of fluency, learners increase their automaticity, or ability to recall and utilize basic mathematical facts immediately.

The online games that make up the Reflex system are adaptive and respond to the player's performance, becoming gradually more difficult if the learner is answering correctly and adjusting to a lower skill level if the learner is unsuccessful. The individualized programs that develop as a result of these responsive adjustments ensures that the questions fall within each learner's zone of proximal development, the area in which the content is neither too hard nor too easy.

The Reflex system incorporates the "fact family" method of math fact learning. This method highlights the relationship between math operations, enabling students to better understand the manner in which numbers and related functions, such as addition and subtraction, interact. The use of the fact family approach not only makes it easier for students to learn facts, it also enhances learners' conceptual understanding of mathematical functions.

To ensure continued relevance and effectiveness, programmers for ExploreLearning, Reflex's parent company, use data from past participant performance to update and improve the program regularly.