How Do You Recycle Old Textbooks?

How Do You Recycle Old Textbooks?

How Do You Recycle Old Textbooks?

Recycling old textbooks can help future students get them at a cheaper prices, clear space for you, raise funds for charity or make them available to educational systems with lesser resources. This environmentally friendly process is fast and simple once you find a buyer.

  1. Donate them

    Donate your books to a local library, thrift shop or charity. Smaller libraries often cannot afford to buy specialty textbooks and your donation will help future students use the books at no charge. Thrift shops and charities may sell the books to raise funds. They may also donate good-quality books to school systems or other countries with scarce resources.

  2. Give away your books

    You can give books that may be of use to friends and family members. You can also organize a book swap with a group of friends or colleagues. Some coffee houses or other public gathering areas also have locations where you can leave old books for other customers to browse and take if they so choose.

  3. Sell your books

    You can sell your old textbooks on the Internet at reduced prices, depending on their condition and usability. In most cases, school bookstores will also buy old textbooks in good condition and resell them at a discounted rate.