How Do You Receive a Teacher Certification in Canada?

How Do You Receive a Teacher Certification in Canada?

Each province in Canada has its own eligibility requirements for obtaining teacher certification. Prospective teachers should check with the province in which they want to teach for specific requirements and complete any courses or degree programs before obtaining certification. For example, those who want to teach at public schools in British Columbia must complete a teacher education program to receive certification from the BC Ministry of Education.

Take the following general steps to receive a teacher certification in Canada:

  1. Find the teacher certification website for the province
  2. Determine the governing body for teacher certification for the province of interest and go to the website. For example, certification in Ontario is regulated by the Ontario College of Teachers, while Newfoundland and Labrador certification is processed through the Teacher Certification and Records Section of the Department of Education.

  3. Determine the requirements
  4. Research the requirements for the province. For example, teachers in Manitoba need a bachelor's degree in education plus a second bachelor's degree.

  5. Complete the program
  6. Complete all necessary teacher education programs before applying for certification.

  7. Apply for the certification
  8. Apply to the province's regulatory branch for teacher certification. Pay any fees associated with the certification process. The application process may be different for those who received their education in a different province.