What Is Real-Time Tracking?


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Real-time tracking uses GPS to find and transmit the location of the person, vehicle, pet or object to which the GPS device is attached. Many smartphones have GPS trackers built in.

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Brickhouse Security states that the most common use of real-time tracking among civilians is for navigation using applications commonly found in automobiles and smartphones. Some devices download maps while others simply connect to preexisting maps through an Internet connection. A GPS device locates itself by receiving signals from satellites and is accurate up to a few yards under good weather conditions.

Real-time tracking lets people display their location to others, allows businesses to keep track of employees, allows tracking of pets, and lets businesses provide tracing services to their customers, all in real-time. Some devices send notifications if the person or pet being tracked enters or leaves an area, such as those created by GreenAlp.com. This is called geo-fencing.

Real-time locating systems are similar to GPS devices, but they do not feature global coverage and are usually used in buildings instead of outside. These systems locate, identify and track objects that are labeled with wireless tags. Factories, warehouses and hospitals use this type of tracking system to keep track of inventory.

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