How Do You Get Ready for School?


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Getting ready for school involves adapting the family's schedule to school hours, purchasing and preparing the necessary supplies and making sure all required school forms are delivered on time. In addition, parenting website Today's Parent points out that it is important to plan logistics, such as travel to and from school, and any after-school lessons or after-care.

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The start of the school year can mean drastic changes to a family's sleep schedule. Parents should begin to shift the household to a schooltime schedule a few weeks early. Some dry runs at getting ready for school can help get children used to getting up and dressed on time. Parents should also begin planning for healthy but fast breakfasts.

Many schools provide lists of back-to-school supplies that children in each grade need. Back-to-school shopping should be done early to find a wider selection on store shelves. Families with older children are a good source of used high-cost items, such as books and calculators. It's a good idea for parents to clean out children's wardrobes before school starts, purging clothes that don't fit and assessing what new items are really needed.

Schools often require medical documentation or immunization records before a child can start a new school year, and athletes usually need medical exams, so all medical appointments should be arranged by midsummer to make sure paperwork is done in time.

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