How Do You Know You Are Ready for a Reading Test?


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Determining if you are ready for a reading test depends on several factors, including your knowledge of the content covered within the test, success at passing practice tests and your comfort with the test format. The amount of preparation you complete for a test and your confidence in your ability to pass it are personal decisions that are difficult to measure.

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An important step in figuring out if you are ready for a reading test is to review the requirements of the test itself, so that you may gauge your understanding of the concepts. Many official standardized tests, such as the reading comprehension portion of the SAT, feature public criteria and guidelines, which you can find in test prep books and on similar websites. For reading tests within a regular course curriculum, check the syllabus or speak to the teacher to obtain guidelines for the topics on the test. Use these guides to outline your studying tactics.

Take any applicable practice tests that cover the concepts in the actual test to discover how well you know the concepts. If you are able to pass the practice tests to your satisfaction, you may be ready for a reading test. Also use techniques such as flash cards with terms and concepts, as well as question and answer sections with tutors, to test the boundaries of your knowledge and prepare as much as possible.

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