What Does the ReadWorks Nonprofit Organization Do?


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ReadWorks fosters reading comprehension by providing free teaching resources for educators. The organization researches and field tests effective teaching strategies to develop curriculum that satisfies Common Core State Standards. Teachers can register on the website to download full lesson plans and related textual resources.

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ReadWorks offers an extensive database of unit-based lessons targeted at specific grade levels or reading skills. Lessons explore individual components of storytelling and composition and break down the various thought processes students need to comprehend what they read. For example, a sixth-grade lesson may evaluate perspective and plot structure, while a third-grade lesson may discuss descriptive language and cause and effect.

The website also provides fiction and nonfiction reading passages by subject, such as life science or world history, allowing teachers to integrate textual analysis into every classroom. Many reading passages are paired with question sets designed to stimulate multiple skill sets and promote cross-discipline learning. The organization's goal is to encourage students to gather evidence and draw conclusions whenever they process new information.

ReadWorks is supported by a panel of academic advisors with backgrounds in education, literacy, and curriculum development. The organization operates on the principle that reading comprehension and critical thinking are the foundation for all educational skills. ReadWorks is largely driven by research that suggests dropout rates increase significantly when students fail to achieve reading proficiency by third grade.

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