What Reading Programs Does System 44 Provide?


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Scholastic's System 44 provides leveled reading programs for grades 3 through 12 and up. In addition to these leveled programs, the system also includes 44Book, a program intended for use by teachers in providing differentiated instruction in a small-group setting.

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All of the leveled programs within the System 44 program are designed to build reading mastery and enhance the learners' abilities to engage independently with grade-appropriate texts. Depending on the level of the program, these foundational skills may include phonics, vocabulary acquisition and basic comprehension skills.

The 44Book component of System 44 is focused on phonics and decoding. It is intended to be administered with direct instruction. In this program, students are presented with academic vocabulary prior to reading the texts, to improve their abilities to comprehend the material. 44 Book also includes a writing component. This component uses the technique of scaffolding to support learners as they develop their composition skills.

All of the System 44 programs are technology-based and require the use of laptops or tablets. Teachers manage System 44 sessions and monitor progress with the Scholastic Achievement Manager. This monitoring component allows teachers to track individual student performance and utilize data to project progress towards proficiency attainment and the meeting of Adequate Yearly Progress requirements.

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