What Are the Best Reading Programs for Kids?

What Are the Best Reading Programs for Kids?

The best reading programs for kids varies greatly on the parents and the child's learning style. There are several top programs that many parents use.

When teaching children to read, there are two major methods used. The phonics method, which teaches kids to read by placing sounds together, and the whole word method that focuses on having them memorize words. There are many programs available that teach one of these two methods.

Hooked on Phonics has existed for a long time, with many of the original kids using it for their own children. This program works by teaching sounds to kids and helping them put the sounds together for word recognition.

ClickNKids is a digital reading program parents can purchase that has been used for years as well. Time4Learning is a well known resource for good children's learning material, as well as K5Learning . Reading Kingdom is another good online program for children between the ages of four to 10.

By looking at the Best Evidence Encyclopedia online, parents can determine what programs they would like to use based on the levels of effectiveness of each program. Best Evidence Encyclopedia contains information pertaining to elementary and middle school programs, and regarding English, language and reading. Best Evidence Encyclopedia focuses on rating all the other programs and sites based on what is offered as well as effectiveness.