What Are the Reading Plus Story Answers for "The Monkey's Paw"?

Reading Plus does not provide an online answer key for the story "The Monkey's Paw," but students can find online study guides and exam preparation help for the story on websites such as SparkNotes.com, Shmoop.com, ENotes.com, CummingsStudyGuides.net and FreeBookNotes.com. SchoolworkHelper.net offers a simple essay that analyzes the main idea of the story. It also provides a citation for students who wish to refer to the essay in their own work.

SparkNotes.com summarizes and analyzes "The Monkey's Paw." It lists the major motifs, themes and symbols, including the dangers of wishing and the conflicts between domestic and public spaces. It describes the monkey's paw and the game of chess as two of the major symbols in the story. SparkNotes.com also lists and analyzes the major characters in the story. For example, it details the character arc of Herbert White, who changes from a pleasant person into a monstrous one. Finally, it provides additional information to help students better understand the story, such as explanations of the horror genre, literary allusions and quotations.

Schmoop.com summarizes "The Monkey's Paw" and explains its theme, characters and plot. The site lists the supernatural, death, fate and free will, family, and technology and modernization as key themes in the story. Character descriptions offer basic analyses of each character and explain how the characters change over the course of the story. The Analysis section offers insights into the story's setting, narration, genre, tone and style. Schmoop.com also offers essay-writing help, including questions to inspire essay topics and a writing guide to help students organize their work.