What Are Some Reading Fair Projects?

What Are Some Reading Fair Projects?

Creating storyboard displays and dressing up as characters from books make engaging reading fair projects for elementary school children. Older children may wish to create a diorama or organize a story hour for younger students.

A storyboard includes information on the book's author and title, along with a plot summary and the student's review. Students can present the information on a tri-fold board and decorate it as creatively as they can. When the storyboards are on display at the fair, students can discuss their opinions with other visitors.

A diorama adds figurines and other objects to the basic storyboard. Children may enjoy recreating a scene from the book using clay figurines or cardboard and paper landscapes. Students should check any competition rules before building a diorama.

Younger children may enjoy dressing up as characters from a book and acting out scenes, or asking visitors at the fair to guess which book they are from.

A story hour sees a group of older students taking turns to read stories to younger students. This can be a special event at the book fair, with refreshments served in a designated seating area. Younger children may wish to join in with actions or songs.