What Is a Reading Endorsement Program?

What Is a Reading Endorsement Program?

A reading endorsement program provides educators with advanced preparation in reading assessments and literacy. Teachers who complete the program receive an area of expertise on their teaching licenses.

Reading endorsement programs broaden teachers’ capabilities and prepare them as skilled reading and literacy instructors. The program helps teachers learn a variety of literacy assessments to diagnose reading difficulties. It also helps educators understand how to effectively present literacy instructions to a heterogeneous student population.

Reading endorsement program participants at Walsh University have to take 18 credit hours of courses about developmental language, methods of teaching developmental reading and reading in the content area.

In Ohio, teachers have to complete 15 credits to satisfy the requirements of the state’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee. To be eligible for the program, candidates have to hold valid teaching licenses or certificates. They also have to present evidence of coursework that fulfills the state’s initial licensure Reading Core. They must have at least a 2.75 undergraduate GPA. Program participants at John Carroll University have to take courses on literacy perspectives and integrated language arts.

Teachers who are certified to teach in Georgia can have reading endorsements added to their teaching certificates. The University of Georgia’s college of education requires students to complete reading endorsement portfolios. The school offers classes online and on-site as of 2015. Students have to take courses on early childhood literacy development and instruction. Students also have to complete a course on new literacies.