How Is Reading Eggs Beneficial to Children?

How Is Reading Eggs Beneficial to Children?

The primary benefits of the Reading Eggs program include easy provision of one-on-one instruction, a focus on fundamental literacy skills, an engaging instructional approach and easy progress monitoring. Reading Eggs offers an assortment of games and activities, all focusing on different topics and containing different themes.

When using the Reading Eggs program, teachers and parents can assign learners individual lessons focusing on areas in which a particular student is struggling. This structure allows for one-on-one instruction, even when teachers or parents are busy with other children, and lets each child learn at his own pace.

All of the lessons and activities on the Reading Eggs website are designed to focus fundamental literacy skills including fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, phonics and phonemic awareness. Because these skills are vital in building literacy, a focus on these skills helps learners naturally develop their reading abilities.

All the activities are highly interactive and, as such, naturally engaging to learners.

Parents, teachers and even students themselves can easily monitor each learner's progress through the Reading Eggs program. The system offers a constantly updating dashboard containing an assortment of useful information. Parents and teachers can also sign up to receive regular emails detailing a learner's progress as he moves through the program.