Are There Any Reading Comprehension Tests for Adults?

There are various adult reading comprehension tests available, both online and in print. The Literacy Information and Communication System website,, lists the Adult Basic Learning Examination, Adult Measure of Essential Skills, Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System, Laubach Way to Reading Diagnostic Inventory, and Tests of Adult Basic Education as tests constructed for adult learners.

In addition to reading comprehension tests made specifically for adults, there are several assessments that are available for learners of all ages. Some examples of such assessments are the Bader Reading and Language Inventory, the Burns/Roe Informal Reading Inventory, Diagnostic Assessments of Reading, and Woodcock-Johnson Reading Mastery Test - Revised.

The Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy and Learning recommends the use of the National Institute for Literacy's Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles website to assist in improving reading comprehension. This website assists in creating a profile to help guide the overall assessment and improvement to an adult learner's reading skills. The website's resources include matching adult learners' test scores to adult reading profiles, videos of a teacher giving reading tests to an adult learner, and instructional suggestions for improving reading comprehension.

Reading comprehensions generally refers to silent reading comprehension. Most reading comprehension tests feature multiple-choice questions which progress in difficulty from one question to the next.