How Does the Read180 Program Encourage Students to Read?


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The Read180 program includes both individual and group instruction to encourage students to read. Part of the instruction time includes a silent, self-paced time to read. During this period, the student is allowed to pick a book that interests him, furthering his enjoyment of reading.

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The Read180 program is designed for students to read 90 minutes a day, for 180 days. During that time, the student participates in a teacher-led lesson and three small group lessons, according to Scholastic, the creator of Read180. Read180 is a very flexible program, therefore teachers are able to tailor it to the needs and likes of the students to encourage them to read in an enjoyable learning environment. During the teacher-led lesson, teachers help students with reading strategies, grammar and vocabulary in an engaging way. By doing this, students do not get bored or lost during instruction, but find the joy in reading.

Nourishing a student's desire to read inspires him to read more independently, thereby increasing his reading comprehension. Read180 also has small-group instruction that includes software use that is customized to each student's abilities. As some students are more interested in technology, this helps encourage them to read by engaging their interests. Another small-group design is to have a few students engage direct with the teacher to help facilitate a bond with the instructor.

The final task that students do is the silent reading portion. During this time, students are allowed to choose from several popular novels that are at the reading level at which they currently test. By giving students the choice and encouraging individual tastes, this helps to encourage them to read for enjoyment. When students develop a love of reading, they improve their reading skills.

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