What Is the Raz-Kids Reading Program?

Raz-Kids is a K-5 online reading program that teaches students basic reading and literacy skills through a library of grade level interactive textbooks. It also provides a medium for teachers to monitor individual student progression and identify problem spots. The program is available both to school districts and families.

The Raz-Kids website provides a portal for both students and teachers. Students enter the portal by entering a teacher-provided user name. Once they are in the portal, students have access to over 400 interactive e-books and several quizzes. The e-books cover 27 different reading levels and include poetry, songs, nursery rhymes and other genres, and there are also several books available in Spanish. The quizzes that accompany each e-book provide instant feedback to the teacher.

Raz-Kids teaches reading skills by means of audio and visual training. A Raz-Kids reader reads a section aloud for the student to listen to. The program highlights the words in the section in color as they are being said. There is also opportunity for the student to practice reading the passage out loud.

The e-books are available at any time and day for students to access. The program is also available via apps on iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire devices.