How Do You Find Ratings for Schools in Ontario?

How Do You Find Ratings for Schools in Ontario?

To find ratings for schools in Ontario, Canada, go to the official website for the Frasier Institute and click on the school performance report card for either elementary schools or secondary schools. The schools can be filtered by characteristics, such as city and type. Families can also search for a specific school to view its ranking or compare several different schools.

Use the following steps to find ratings for schools in Ontario:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Go to the website for the Frasier Institute. Click on "Report Card" then "School Performance" and "Ontario."

  3. Choose the desired report
  4. Choose "Ontario elementary school report card" to view a list of elementary school rankings. If interested in secondary schools, choose "Ontario secondary school report card."

  5. Filter the list
  6. Filter the list to view schools based on specific characteristics. For example the list can be filtered using one of four types: Private, Public, Catholic or First Nation. Schools can also be filtered by English or French language, location, percentage of English as a second language students, percentage of special needs students and income level.

  7. View the list
  8. View the list of schools. As of 2015, the list displays a school's current ranking, its ranking from the previous 5 years and its rating.

  9. Compare schools
  10. Click on "add to compare" to see a comparison of specific schools.