What Are Some Quotes for Thanking a Staff?


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"Employees like you are the epitome of professionalism," "The walls of our office would be weakened without your presence," "Thanks for being an employee who is as hungry for challenges and excellence as much as for recognition and promotions," "Employees like you make becoming a boss so much easier," and "Thanks for shouldering responsibility and putting the company's interests ahead of your own" are quotes for thanking a staff. Staff members deserve recognition for the work that they do.

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Thanking the staff is a good way to keep employee morale high and to keep the staff fully engaged with the company's plans and growth. Employees need the validation that they are doing a good job, and some words of appreciation go far in giving them the confidence that is needed to keep doing a good job. People don't forget when they are recognized for doing good work. Leaders should thank the staff for their work to empower the staff to recognize and perform to the best of their abilities. If staff members know that the leader believes in them, they are likely to meet or exceed leadership's expectations. Showing the staff appreciation is an important part of helping them to continue doing a good job.

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