What Are Some Quotes About Remembering the Death of Friends?


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Some quotes about remembering the death of friends are William Penn's quote that even though friends part because of death, "they live in one another still" and Richard Bach's quote that a farewell must come before a reunion. In addition, Amy Marie Walz offers a quote about remembering the death of friends when she says that the death of a friend is not a reason to lose hope.

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Penn also says that to friends, death is similar to traveling across the world's seas on a trip. Even though distance might separate the friends, Penn says, the love between friends continues to exist despite separation. He goes on to say that even though friends die, the friendship and company of friends are "immortal."

Bach says that a death is not a reason for dismay. Instead, friends must say goodbye so that they can meet again later. Sometimes, friends meet later in life and, in the case of death, friends meet again after the end of a lifetime. Either way, Bach says that a reunion "is certain for those who are friends."

Similarly, Walz adds that losing friends because of distance or death is common in life. Walz says that friends stay in the hearts of the ones they love. Walz adds that friends should leave the lights on so that lost friends can return. Eventually, true friends find each other again and pick up where they left off. "Even the lost find their way home, when you leave the light on," Walz says.

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