What Questions Are Typically Found on World History Chapter Tests?


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World History chapter tests vary depending on the book publisher, and typically include topics covering world religions, political and social history. Tests are typically a mix of these topics and limited to the region of the world covered in the chapter.

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World History begins with the dawn of human civilization in three major areas; the Indus River Valley, the Nile River Delta and the Yellow River Delta. Humankind began its organization into major societies in these areas, and questions on these topics include asking why civilization organized along rivers, how humankind progressed from hunter-gatherers into agricultural societies, and what typified the earliest social and legal systems.

Later chapters of World History might discuss major religions, including Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. Questions focus on what factors led to the growth of these religions and their impact on societies around them, which can include the political and military impacts they had.

As of 2015, a major movement in World History is the idea of Trans-Atlantic history, which deals with how history unfolded in three major areas: the Americas, Europe and Africa. Questions over Trans-Atlantic history deal with factors that led to the rise of the slave market, how political influences crossed both ways across the ocean, and how societies in these three major parts of the world affected one another.

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