What Are Some Questions That Should Get TMI Tags?

What Are Some Questions That Should Get TMI Tags?

Questions that should get TMI tags are, "How much do you weigh?", "How long does it take you to shower in the morning?" and "What is the relationship between yourself and the last person you texted?" TMI stands for "too much information," and tags indicate questions that illicit awkward answers.

Some questions that receive TMI tags are mild, such as, "What are you wearing?" and "What is your favorite food?" Other uncomplicated tagged questions from Bexelrick.com include, "What is your favorite place to visit?" as well as, "What instruments do you play?"

More intimate and personal questions that should receive TMI tags include, "What is your favorite type of condom?", "What is the worst insult you've ever received?" and "Why did you break up with your last partner?" Another example is, "Have you ever used a phone sex line or a psychic hot line?"

Follow-up questions that require TMI tags are, "Why can't your partner have children?" and "What could cause you and your partner to break up?"

Zodiac signs, favorite bands and favorite television shows are also included in queries that require a TMI tag. Turn-offs, turn-ons and age are also featured. Bodily features, such as piercings and tattoos, are also included.