What Questions Should I Ask Myself When Writing a Self-Reflection Essay?

Two important questions to ask yourself on any self-reflection topic are how you feel about the topic and how the topic affects you personally. Another question to ask before writing a self-reflection essay is what kind of impact you would like the essay to have on other people.

A self-reflection essay is a personal essay that focuses on writing what you feel about something happening to you at a specific point in your life. These essays refer to your experiences in life. Writing self-reflection essays are good for writing portfolios and academic portfolios. These essays should reflect your skills, how things have changed, and your weaknesses and strengths on the topic covered. The structure of a reflective essay is similar to that of an academic paper.

The essay should be outlined before writing begins. An outline may not seem important, but it helps you gather your thoughts before writing. The essay itself must contain an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The questions for the essay should be answered first. Supporting evidence is entered in the body. When writing the conclusion, take the most important aspects of the essay and summarize the contents. The last sentence can be a quote on the topic or may ask the reader a question.

After the essay is complete, edit the paper. Check for spelling and grammatical errors, as well as anything that doesn't fit the topic. If the essay contains anything repetitive, delete it. In a self-reflective essay, the questions that you asked before you began writing should be answered.