What Are Some Questions on Reading Tests for Second Graders?

Second grade reading tests typically include questions that test reading comprehension of a story or phrase, word meaning and usage, and application of key facts and words in written answers. Second grade reading questions can be multiple choice, matching, fill-in-the-blank or long answer, depending on the material covered and the comprehension being tested. Each school district typically creates its own tests. Standards for tests are set by national and state testing goals.

Second grade reading tests generally include a sample passage that provides key vocabulary words used in one more ways within the passage. After reading the passage, second graders answer questions regarding definitions and spellings of the vocabulary words. Typically, there are also questions asking students to write out a sentence or paragraph that uses the key words in proper context. Questions are most often grouped together by type; students answer all spelling questions before moving on to definitions and long answers.

Second grade tests measure comprehension by evaluating a student's understanding of key information within the passage. For example, a story about the moon and the Apollo missions may ask for a long answer to the question "Why is July 20, 1969, an important date in moon exploration?"