What Are Some Questions One Would Expect to See on a Third Grade Math Test?


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Some examples of questions found on third grade math tests include number theory problems such as, "Which math problem means the same thing as (10 + 5) + 7?" and basic geometry, such as, "Which of the following shapes could you use to describe the shape of the doors in your house?" Number pattern questions -- for example, "Fill in the missing two numbers: 941, 952,____,974 , ____" -- are also common.

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Math subjects covered in a standard third grade curriculum include numeration, number systems, place value, writing numbers, number lines and rounding numbers off. Addition and subtraction are expanded upon from the lessons learned in second grade; solving problems with double- and triple-digit numbers, for example. Multiplication, division and fractions often begin in third grade with simple operations. The concepts of the customary measurement system and metrics are also commonly introduced.

Word problems become a larger part of the math curriculum in third grade, with questions such as, "Connor wants a carpenter to build him a custom bookcase. He wants each shelf to hold 10 books. How many shelves does he need if he has 123 books?" Third grade-level word problems increase in complexity and may involve more than one math operation to solve or employ introductory algebra concepts.

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