What Are Some Questions on NATE HVAC Practice Tests?


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North American Technician Excellence heating, ventilating and air conditioning practice exam questions range from the flue gas temperature of high efficiency furnaces and the top color of recovery cylinders to what proportion of its speed is the power of a centrifugal pump. Questions include basic science, construction, tools and safety.

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Other topics covered by questions on the NATE core test include measuring temperatures and humidity, achieving desired conditions and basic electrical. A basic electrical question on a practice exam asks the test taker to indicate if a transformer works on the principle of self inductance or mutual inductance. Construction-related questions include the placement of cold air returns and how to order fans to attain certain types of pressure. Questions about science include the atmospheric pressure at sea level, how heat is transferred from a warmer substance to one that's colder and the units of power factor.

In addition to the core exam, to complete NATE certification, candidates also take a specialty exam in installation or service. Questions across the five exams within the installation specialty cover construction basics and applicable national and international codes, as well as the details of air conditioning, air distribution, air to air heat pumps and gas and oil heating installation, depending on selected sub-specialty. Service speciality exams include these heating and air conditioning options plus oil and gas hydronics and commercial refrigeration systems.

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