What Are Some Questions on a Fifth Grade Fraction Test?


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Suitable questions for a fifth grade maths test include problems with mixed numbers, testing knowledge of equivalent fractions, checking that students know what the numerator and denominator are, and calculations of simple proportions. By fifth grade, these problems are presented in both numerical and word problem form.

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Questions including mixed numbers are often in the form of word problems where students are asked to calculate the amount of something that is used or that remains after an action, such as "While recycling, Jon collected 30 9/10 kilograms of aluminum. Exactly 1/3 of the aluminum he collected was from his favorite soda. In kilograms, what was the total amount of the aluminum collected from his favorite soda?"

Those questions that require students to reduce a fraction to its simplest form or calculate if one fraction is equivalent to another are more often given numerically. Additionally, visual representations of fractions such as colored grids or slices of pie are used to check that students can calculate fractions of physical objects. These two types of question are more suited to multiple choice tests than word problems, as word problems generally require students to simplify the answer as part of the process and therefore require a written answer.

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