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Q: Skills for Success is a six-level learning series for teaching reading, writing, listening and speaking. The learning kits include textbooks and an online classroom. The series is produced by the Oxford University Press and available for purchase in traditional packets as well as e-books.

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Q: Skills for Success focuses on two different strands: the reading and writing strand and the speaking and listening strand. The Listening and Speaking series focuses on student engagement. Through a series of questions, the materials lead several discussions. As the series progresses from Introduction to Listening and Speaking, through Listening and Speaking Six, discussion topics become more complex, and students learn how to take notes while listening.

In the Reading and Writing series, students begin the series with short reading assignments. The reading materials are designed to be thought-provoking, and the text directs the students to discuss the topic. The writing assignments in the series begin with simple sentence responses and become more complicated as students progress through the series. Each unit has vocabulary and grammar lessons as well as a learning objective. Topics presented in both strands of the series are designed to be complementary with one another.

Q: Skills for Success integrates book and online learning. Each student workbook comes with an online access code. Students log in to take practice tests, complete interactive activities, watch videos or listen to audio. The online environment features a progress bar to monitor success level.

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