How Do You Put "CC" in a Letter?

How Do You Put "CC" in a Letter?

Identify all individuals who are receiving courtesy copies of a letter by listing their names at the end of the document. Place "cc" before the first recipient's name. This important information takes only minutes to include in the letter.

  1. Write the letter

    Because the "cc" or courtesy copy information is placed at the end of a letter, complete the entire letter first, from return address to signature and enclosure notation, if applicable. This ensures proper placement of the courtesy copy information.

  2. Place the initials

    Double space after the end of the letter. Left justify "cc," and follow it with a colon. Insert a space after the colon.

  3. Identify the recipients

    On the same line as "cc:," list the name of the person who is receiving the courtesy copy. There should be one space between the colon and the name. If more than one person is receiving the cc, put each name on a separate line in alphabetical order, making sure subsequent names are lined up with the first name.