What Are the Purposes of Admission Counseling?


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The purpose of admissions counseling at the college level is to gain assistance in obtaining scholarships and other types of financial aid, filling out any necessary application paperwork, and deciding on a major or program of study. At the high school level, admissions counselors assist students in selecting colleges or vocational programs to which they want to apply. The counselors then help the students gather all of the necessary documentation and information for applying to their school choices.

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Admissions counselors may assist high school students in preparing their application essays and help them practice their interviewing skills if they plan to apply to programs that require interviews for acceptance. Earlier on in their high school careers, an admissions counselor can advise students on which extracurricular activities to pursue to boost their chances of acceptance at their desired schools. The counselor might also teach the students strategies for getting the best possible letters of recommendation from their teachers if they intend to apply to programs that require such letters.

In addition to advising incoming and current students, admissions counselors who work at the college level are often involved in organizing recruitment events designed to increase the visibility and desirability of their school. They may work in conjunction with the school's alumni association to develop networking systems that assist the school in attracting promising applicants.

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