What Is the Purpose of TerraNova Achievement Tests?

What Is the Purpose of TerraNova Achievement Tests?

The TerraNova tests and assessments are standardized tests, which allow educators to compare the achievement of groups of students to state and national standards. For example, the TerraNova Common Core tests and assessments are tailored to the Common Core standards some states have adopted.

TerraNova's testing series covers students from kindergarten through 12th grade and tests a variety of subject areas, including reading, math and language arts. TerraNova also tests science and social studies.

Unlike many multiple-choice standardized tests, some of TerraNova tests and assessments give student test-takers partial credit for partially correct answers. Results from TerraNova Common Core testing are available within seven days of administration of the tests. CTB/McGraw-Hill publishes TerraNova tests, assessments and associated materials.

Results from TerraNova tests are based on norms, which means the scores reflect how that student compares to other students state-wide and nationally. The Common Core tests TerraNova administers also indicate college and career readiness of the tested students, based on the national Common Core standards.

In addition to the tests and assessments, TerraNova includes resources for teachers to help prepare students for the tests. These resources include practice assessments to judge whether or not students are learning the necessary material over time prior to the actual testing date.