What Is the Purpose of High School Records?


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High school records provide college admissions officers with important information about a student’s academic achievement, says Campus Explorer. High school transcripts are also used when a student transfers to another school or applies for financial aid, according to the U.S. Department of Education.

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What Is the Purpose of High School Records?
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High school records typically include a student’s grades, GPA, class rank and a list of classes taken. Some high school transcripts also offer information about the student's behavior, such as attendance records and community service. A student’s high school records are typically the first thing that college admissions officers review when considering an application, says Campus Explorer. Colleges use this information to help determine whether students are ready to attend their school.

Admissions officers look for a consistent GPA or GPA improvement, says Campus Explorer. They also use high school records to determine how the specific school calculates GPA and how often its students are evaluated.

Penn, a highly ranked university, looks for applicants ranked in the top 5 percent of their graduating high school class. They also look closely at the types and levels of classes taken compared to the classes offered. A transcript that shows extra courses, AP classes and challenging course loads shows that the student is ready for college-level work, says the Princeton Review. Pass or fail classes generally do not impress admissions officers.

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