What Is the Purpose of Educational Slogans?


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The purpose of an educational slogan is to provide a statement designed to resonate in the minds of the teachers, students and citizens that observe them. An educational slogan provides a representation of the values and beliefs that drive daily school functions and special activities. Educational slogans are also a simple way to advertise the purpose and mission statement of a school or college.

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Every reputable institution of higher learning has an educational slogan that can be identified by students, teachers and alumni. Timeless knowledge and wisdom exists in an effective educational slogan. Each statement can provide the precious ore of insight to help guide students and inspire teachers. The words of an educational slogan should be easy to remember to work well. These snippets of important knowledge can be posted on school grounds, throughout a community and online.

These powerful statements serve as a source of motivation for students to do well academically and act honorably. An educational slogan may also attract the interest of students from a variety of backgrounds, and it can help establish a sense of duty among everyone affiliated with the school. Some of the significant problems with an educational slogan is that it can be ineffective if students fail to notice it in the environment, or if the statement remains largely unknown by the majority of a school population.

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